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"My practice is concerned with how we interact and respond to our world on a personal level. The methodology behind my work is concerned with the re-cycling and re-purposing of objects, fabrics and worn garments that I tear, dye and stitch. The process I use involves using plant materials, found objects especially rusted objects that I have found on walks near my home. 


My work is based on the research and inquiry into how different processes react and what the end product will be. I have been inspired by women artists whose practice is linked to dyeing with tea and rust, vinegar and plant materials which produce a variety of either strong earth colours or subtle greys and blues.

Using this form of dyeing I create hangings which I can then tear and overstitch, add printed or stitched text that link to my concerns with social and environmental issues. Recently I investigated how cloth can be used as an emotional response through art practice of grief and the sense of loss when someone has died. My hangings reflect that sense of loss."

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